Heavy snow takes over Turkey’s Hakkari

Snow crews gear up as they struggle to clear roads as heavy snow takes over the Hakkari province in southeastern Turkey. Snow reached up to four-meters in the city. Hakkâri  is a city and the capital of the Hakkâri Province of Turkey. It is located a few kilometres away from the Turkish – Iraqi border.The name Hakkâri is derived from the Syriac word ܐܲܟܵܪܹ̈ܐ (Akkārē) meaning farmers or cultivators. Akkārē itself is derived from Akkadian ikkaru The population of the city at the 2010 census was 57,844.








Turkish President Erdogan in Vatican

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met Pope Francis as part of his two-day visit to the Vatican City, which saw him being welcomed with an official ceremony at the Apostolic Palace. Erdoğan’s visit was the first by a Turkish president to the Vatican in 59 years, during which he discussed the status of Jerusalem with the pope. Small-scale scuffles broke out between police and demonstrators nearby. Returning a visit made by the pope to Turkey in 2014, Erdoğan spoke privately with Francis for about 50 minutes in the pontiff’s frescoed study in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, which he uses mostly for ceremonial purposes.
The two leaders later went for a closed-door meeting at the palace’s Library Hall, which ended after one hour. The president and First Lady Emine Erdoğan were initially received by Archbishop Georg Ganswein at the San Damaso Courtyard. Erdoğan’s delegation included Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli, EU Minister Ömer Çelik, and Energy Minister Berat Albayrak.
The pope and the Turkish president also exchanged gifts. Erdoğan presented a 24-piece miniature İznik pottery, which had been made with a ceramics technique popular at the time of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent. He also gave him a volume of poems by the medieval poet Rumi translated into Italian and English. At the end of the private part of the meeting, the pope gave Erdoğan a bronze medallion showing an angel embracing the northern and southern hemispheres while overcoming the opposition of a dragon. “This is the angel of peace who strangles the demon of war. [It is] a symbol of a world based on peace and justice,” the pope told Erdoğan as he gave him the medallion, made by the Italian artist Guido Verol.








Flamingos of Turkey’s Van

Ercek Lake, one of the most important temporary accommodation centers for migratory birds on the journey from North Africa to Iran, is home to flamingos in the winter season. Flamingos began to migrate to the hot regions, with the effect of cold weather. Beyond the snowy mountains, flamingos in some parts of Lake Ercek and Van Lake, which are 30 kilometers away from the city center, have been staying for a few days and then migrating to warm countries.








Bosphorus Bridge : A masterpiece of sculptural engineering

A transport ship passes through the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey. Last year 42.978 ship past through the Bosphorus and 44.615 ship past through Dardanelles total of 87.593 ship and 13.732 of them composed of LNG, LPG and oil tankers.








Waterfall freezes over in Turkey’s Agrı


One of Ağrı’s mesmerizing waterfalls froze due to the touch of the bitter cold. The waterfall is located close to the city’s airport attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. Ağrı is a province in eastern Turkey severely affected each year by cold weather.






Heavy snow in rural of Turkey’s Van

Snow blankets Turkey’s Van province located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, turning the region into a winter wonderland.









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