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Most Turks welcome army’s incursion into Kurdish-controlled northern Syria

Mehmet Ağagürbüz, known as Işıklı Tosun Baba, holds an olive branch as he visits the Öncüpınar border gate to show his support to Turkish armed forces on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Turkey’s ‘Operation Olive Branch’ in Syria’s Afrin

Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar in Turkey’s Hatay province speaks with the Commander of the Turkish Air Forces Hasan Küçükakyüz, Commander of the Turkish Land Forces Yaşar Güler and Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces Adnan Özbal amid Turkey’s “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria’s Afrin.







Turkish military drill on Iraqi border

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) announced that it has raised the level of a military drill it has been conducting near the Turkish-Iraqi border for the past six days. The military said it will now hold the ‘second stage’ of the drill, the exercise will continue with the participation of additional troops. The military exercises started on Monday – just a week before the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) holds a controversial independence referendum – near the town of Silopi, close to the Habur border gate between Turkey and the Iraqi Kurdish region. The military did not provide details on the drill but said anti-terror operations in the region would simultaneously continue at the same speed as the exercises.

Erdogan in front of the coffin of Air Force Captain Gokhan Ertan

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (R) and Chief of Staff General Necdet Ozel pray in front of the coffin of Air Force Captain Gokhan Ertan as they attend his funeral after Friday prayers at Sehitlik Mosque in the eastern Turkish city of Malatya.